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Acupuncture is used to restore balance to the body.  With the use of needles and other modalities acupuncture can relieve pain and heal many other health issues.  Acupuncture encourages your body to heal itself, therefore, your body will be able to function better on its own when your acupuncture is complete.  Everyone responds differently to acupuncture. Some people may take longer to heal than others.  Usually the longer you have had the illness or imbalance the longer it takes to treat it.

Acupuncture can help retrain the body to not feel pain chronically.  Sessions can be effective immediately but are most likely going to be cumulative.  Acupuncture can treat many issues at the same time.  Although it is best to focus on a few issues at a time, you will find that other issues not being addressed can also improve just by restoring balance to the body.

Acupuncture rarely takes one session to help your body correct issues.  It is suggested to have anywhere from three to five sessions before deciding if it helped you.  Most practitioners have had lots of different teachers so that they can provide many types of treatments in the event that one doesn’t work for an individual.

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